Twitter (X) Case Study

Twitter (X) Case Study Background

I began working with the Brain Inflammation Collaborative in June 2023, tasked with overseeing their social media presence.

Initially, they had just one follower.

The metrics reflect our progress after three months of managing their account…


Metric #1 Total Account Growth

Total social media growth refers to the percentage increase in followers over a specific period.

I concentrated on developing scientifically precise content that resonates with both the general public and medical experts.

Furthermore, my content emphasizes educating people about universal life issues. The outcome has been the following growth rate…

Client's Total Growth on Twitter (X)

Total Growth (%)*

*Percent growth in the first 138 days


While 10,300% growth in just over three months seems unbelievable, keep in mind that we started with 1 follower.The percentage rise in growth is significantly greater when starting from 1.

That being said, it is challenging to build an audience when starting from 1 follower. It can take months to get 1,000 people to see your tweets when you have a new account.

Metric #2 Growth Rate Month-Over-Month

Let’s convert the data into a monthly growth rate and then compare our client’s Twitter (X) growth rate with the success rates promoted by competitors.

Chart of new follower growth between August 1 and Oct 31st 2023. Shown is a 722% growth in new followers in a 3 month period.

Client's Monthly Growth Rate on Twitter (X)

Client's Growth MoM (%)*

*Average percent growth month-over-month (1-361 followers over a 4.5 month period) 


Average Monthly Growth Rate on Twitter (X)

Competitor's Growth MoM (%)*


Metric #3 Engagement Rate

The social media engagement rate is a metric that gauges the extent of interaction, encompassing activities like likes, comments, shares, and clicks, that a piece of content garners on social media platforms. This metric is pivotal as it signifies how effectively your audience is interacting with your content.

A heightened engagement rate typically suggests that your content is resonating with your audience.

Client's Engagement Rate on Twitter (X)

Our Engagement Rate Per Impression (%)

*Engagement rate between Aug 1 and Oct 31, 2023


Average Twitter (X) Engagement Rate

Average Engagement Rate Per Impression (%)


Metric #4 Profile Reach

Profile reach on social media represents the total count of unique users who have viewed your profile or content. This metric is essential as it reflects your online visibility and the potential for audience engagement.

Social media platforms facilitate swift reach through viral content and shares, allowing for the rapid expansion of audiences. This contrasts with the gradual and competitive nature of SEO, which involves optimizing websites to attain higher rankings in search engine results.

Profile Reach

*Profile reach = unique profile views between July 1 and Sep 30, 2023. The account started with only 1 follower in late June 2023


Metric #5 Posting Frequency

Consistency in posting on Twitter (X) is vital for account growth as it improves visibility, keeps the audience engaged, and maintains a steady online presence.

Frequent posts indicate active participation, attract followers, and gain algorithmic favor, ensuring content reaches a broader audience. This enhances connections, expands networking possibilities, and increases opportunities.

The principle is simple: the more you post, the wider your reach. Remarkably, these results were achieved by posting only 18 times per month, as per the client’s specific request.

Number of Posts/Month (Avg)

*These numbers were achieved by only posting an average of 18 times per month.



Hiring a scientist for content targeting scientists and health professionals on Twitter (X) is vital:

  1. Credibility and Trust: Scientists lend credibility, ensuring accurate communication and building trust, vital for precision-focused professionals.

  2. Technical Precision: They navigate technical nuances, delivering accurate and sound content crucial for professionals requiring precise information.

  3. Relevance: Bridging research and application, scientists create content relevant to professionals, connecting theory with practical work.

  4. Engagement: Scientists craft intellectually stimulating content, sparking meaningful discussions and resonating with professionals’ interests.

  5. Networking: Leveraging personal networks, scientists bring unique insights and collaborations to the content, enhancing its depth.

  6. Clear Communication: Scientists excel in simplifying complex ideas, ensuring clear understanding for professionals with varied expertise levels.”

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