Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


Pay Per Click Advertising in Oklahoma City

Empirical Web Solutions services include search engine pay per click (PPC), also called search engine marketing (SEM) advertising to boost the visibility of your science, health, or medical company.

We work with medical practices, dentists offices, and health and wellness brands to design laser focused PPC ad campaigns to achieve maximized performance.

What are Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads?

Have you ever searched for something on Google or Bing and seen some ads at the top of the page? Those are PPC ads.

PPC is when a company pays for their ad to show up at the top of the search results when someone types in certain keywords. But the company only pays when someone clicks on their ad.

PPC Ad Advantages for your Science, Health, or Medical Brand

  1. Targeted advertising: With PPC, you can create highly targeted ads that reach specific audiences based on their search queries, geographic location, interests, and demographics. This ensures that your ads are seen by the most relevant potential customers or patients.

  2. Increased visibility: PPC ads appear at the top of search engine results pages, above organic search results. This can improve your company’s visibility.

  3. Cost-effective: With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you’re not paying for impressions or views that don’t result in clicks.

  4. Control: With PPC, you have control over your ad budget, ad copy, and targeting parameters. This allows you to adjust your strategy based on performance.

Experience Matters - The Pitfalls of any PPC Campaign

There are many mistakes people make when trying to design their own search engine PPC campaign to save money.

  • The choose the wrong platform to run their ads on.
  • They do not select for negative keywords.
  • They run their ads on irrelevant search syndicates
  • They don’t exclude bot traffic
  • The do not optimize content for cold traffic
  • They do not monitor and fine-tune campaign performance daily.

These are a few reasons why you need to hire an expert to design, and manage your PPC campaign.